The policy of the airport is that hangars will be financed via private capital.

Some investors have constructed large hangars with multiple T-type and box-type units. Other investors have constructed hangars customized for their business. All hangar construction is subject to the construction standards and approval of the Zelienople Airport Authority.

Please contact Airport Manager David Holman for information about construction.

Individual T-type and box-type hangars are available on a lease basis from particular investors (owners). Inquire from any of the following regarding the size of hangar for your needs:

Name Organization Hangar Nos. Email Telephone
David Holman Airport Manager 440-450
C. Dennis Moore Zelie Hangars 460-470, 612-646, 730-750 818-389-6009
Condor Aero Club Condor Aero Club 601-616 412-974-8629
Tasa Hangars Tasa Hangars 702-720 412-974-8629

David Holman, Airport Manager


C. Dennis Moore, Zelie Hangars


Condor Aero Club


Tasa Hangars